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How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Plan for Your Family

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Choosing the best family cell phone plan is a great way to keep your family connected and save money. However, since each family has different needs, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mobile plan that works for every family. 

What to Consider When Looking for a Family Cell Phone Plan

The key to finding a mobile plan that’s right for your family is understanding how each family member uses their mobile phone and how much data each person uses. Then, you can compare mobile plans from different carriers to find the mobile plan that fits your family best.

Here’s a list of things to look out for when searching for the perfect cell phone plan for your family:

Talk and Text Limits

Keeping track of mobile phone minutes and how many text messages you’ve sent can be a real hassle. That’s why most people agree that the best family cell phone plans include unlimited calling and unlimited text messages within the United States.

What’s more, family phone plans with unlimited talk and text can save you money because every member of your family can talk and text all they want (within the U.S.) without incurring extra fees for calls or text messages.

Not only do all Spectrum Mobile™ plans include unlimited talk and text within the United States, every plan also includes unlimited international text messages from the United States and up to 2,000 minutes of monthly calling to Canada and Mexico per line.

Hidden Fees and Taxes

There’s nothing worse than signing up for a mobile phone plan that’s advertised for one price, but when your bill arrives, it’s way more expensive than you expected due to taxes, regulatory fees and miscellaneous charges. To eliminate surprises, it helps to pick a mobile phone plan with a flat monthly fee that includes all taxes and other charges. The certainty of knowing your family mobile phone plan will cost the same each month offers peace of mind and helps you stay within your budget.

Spectrum Mobile customers enjoy the convenience of straightforward monthly pricing with no hidden fees and taxes are included in the monthly service price.

Contracts and Cancellation Fees

When researching the best family phone plans, be sure to consider carriers that offer plans with no contracts and no cancellation fees, like Spectrum Mobile.

The nice thing about not being locked into a contract is you can switch to another plan or a different mobile provider at any time for any reason without paying a cancellation fee. So, if you’re unhappy with the service or if you find a better deal, it’s easy to switch. 

Data Limits

Before making a decision about which mobile phone plan is best for your family, you should review your current cell phone statement to see how much data each person in your family typically uses each month.

If your family does not consume a lot of data, the best family phone plan could be one that allows you to pay just for the data you use. An example if this type mobile data plan is Spectrum Mobile’s By the Gig plan, which lets you pay for the data you use, one Gig at a time. This is a great option if you’re looking for the best cell phone plans for kids, and are concerned about your kids’ phone usage.

However, if anyone in your family uses their mobile phone to stream movies or music, browse social media, play games or download large files, these activities can use a lot of data, so an unlimited data plan might be the best option to save money. This is especially true if your mobile phone carrier charges hefty overage fees for going over your plan’s allotted data limit.

Spectrum Mobile offers two affordable mobile plans with unlimited data:

  • Unlimited† – Enjoy the freedom to surf, stream, download and game all you want and stay connected to family and friends with unlimited talk, text and data, plus nationwide 5G†† included. Switch between Unlimited or Unlimited Plus anytime.

  • Unlimited Plus* – Get all the benefits of the Unlimited plan, plus the ability to stream with video resolution up to 720p

Shared Data Plans

Shared data plans are unique in that a specific allotment of data is shared between a group of two or more lines. This type of mobile plan works best for families or groups where high data use of one person is offset by low data use of others in the group.

The By the Gig plan from Spectrum Mobile allows up to 10 lines to share data. Each line starts with one Gig of data, so a family of four, would have four Gigs of data to share. If all four Gigs are used, another Gig of data is automatically added to your shared account for a small fee.

Flexibility to Mix and Match Plans

Some mobile phone carriers, like Spectrum Mobile, offer flexible family plans with the ability to mix and match data plans. For example, if some family members want an Unlimited data plan and others prefer the By the Gig plan, Spectrum will combine each line’s plan on one account, so you only have one mobile phone bill to pay each month.

What’s more, Spectrum Mobile gives you the option to upgrade By the Gig plans to an Unlimited plan anytime, and Unlimited plans can switch between Unlimited and Unlimited Plus.

Network Coverage

It’s always wise to look at a mobile phone carrier’s coverage map before committing to a family cell phone plan to ensure the carrier’s network has sufficient coverage in your area and nationwide. Good nationwide coverage is especially important if your family likes to travel because it helps provide reliable connectivity when you’re out of town and can save you money by avoiding roaming fees.

If your family has 5G-compatible phones, you’ll want to check to see if your mobile phone company’s network has 5G service established in the cities where your family members use their phones most often. If your mobile carrier hasn’t built their 5G network in the areas you need service, you’ll receive 4G LTE service instead.

Every Spectrum Mobile cell phone plan includes nationwide 5G access at no additional charge. To see if Spectrum Mobile has coverage in your area, take a look at the Spectrum Mobile coverage map.


There’s no doubt that price is a big factor when it comes to choosing which cell phone plan is best your family. That’s why Spectrum Mobile’s plans are so affordable. In fact, switching to Spectrum Mobile could help you save up to 60%** on your wireless bill! Plus, you can save even more if you bring your own phone when you switch Spectrum Mobile or trade in your phone and receive a credit toward a new phone.

To find out how much you could save by switching to Spectrum Mobile, grab your current cell phone bill and use this Savings Calculator to tally up your savings. 

Unlimited: Reduced speeds and data de-prioritization after 30 GB of usage per line.

†† To access 5G, 5G compatible phone and 5G service required. Not all 5G capable phones compatible with all 5G service. Speeds may vary. Visit spectrum.com/mobile/5G for details.

* Unlimited Plus: Reduced speeds and data de-prioritization after 50 GB of usage per line.

** Savings based on single-line comparison of unlimited plans among major nat’l carriers as of 08/2022: prepaid excl: data usage limits vary by carrier.

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