DOCSIS Modem Policy

Charter Internet subscribers are required to use an authorized modem for use on the Charter Spectrum network.

Recommended Modems: Charter recommends customers use devices that have passed Charter's full performance certification testing in order to receive optimal service performance. The list of Recommended Modems can be found at

Minimally Qualified Modems: Certain modems have passed minimal testing to confirm that they will not cause harm to Charter's network. Though permitted for use on its network, Charter recommends against using Minimally Qualified Modems, because they have not been tested to confirm their capability of rendering Charter Spectrum Internet services without interruption or other service degradation. Minimally Qualified Modems may not have the capability of delivering the purchased Internet service speed. The list of Minimally Qualified Modems can be found at

Device Requirements

In order for a modem to be certified as an authorized device for use on the Charter Spectrum network, it must pass CableLabs certification, FCC certification, and Charter's certification process. The current device specifications for both full Internet speed achievement performance and minimal qualification certification can be obtained by contacting Charter at

Certification Process

Charter's certification process covers testing including DOCSIS performance and compatibility/integration with Charter's network and systems. The current certification process can be obtained by contacting Charter at