What is required of me?

We require that every customer submit the Charter Contract Buyout form as well as the last bill from the previous provider which clearly shows the Early Termination fee.

  • Customer must install and actively maintain triple play through redemption process. If triple play is not available, all available services in the area must be active.
    The redemption process is defined as the period of time;
    • From - When Customer sends in required documentation.
    • To - When Customer Receives Check.
  • Please make sure to have your name and address on the previous providers bill.
  • Customer cannot have had Video service within the last 30 days.
  • Bank statements are not eligible.
  • Your account must be current for the Contract Buyout to be completed.
  • Some providers first send a notice stating your debit/credit card will be charged on a specific date, we cannot accept this. On your next bill, will receive your itemized Early Termination Charges. Some providers may take up to 30 days after sending that notice.

Where can I find my previous providers early termination fee for submission?

You will find the early termination fee (ETF) listed among the charges on your bill. When submitting your form and previous providers’ bill, please ensure that the Early Termination Fee/Cancellation Fee is clearly listed to indicate the amount that was charged by your previous provider. Bills without the ETF/Cancellation Fee clearly shown will not be accepted.

There are no ETF Charges on my final bill. What can I do?

Depending on the provider, ETF Charges may be on the bill before your final statement or on a bill that arrives after your final statement for your services. If you do not see these charges on your bills, please reach out to your previous provider and have them send it to you.

When can I expect to receive my check?

Approximately 10 business days after getting approved. When you submit your information to the Contract Buy out Team, your information goes through a verification process which can take up to 5-7 business days. Upon approval, your check will arrive within 10 business days.

Can the check be mailed to my previous provider?

No. The Contract Buyout Check will be sent to the person whose name is on the account.

Can Charter direct deposit the funds into my account?

No. The Contract Buyout Check will be sent to the person whose name is on the account. At that time, you can freely deposit the check into your account.

My previous provider charged me more than $500.00 to disconnect my account with them; will Charter cover that entire amount?

The Charter Contract Buyout program covers your early termination fees of up to $500. Some providers might charge more than that to disconnect your account. In the event that they do, Charter will only cover up to $500.00.

Are wireless providers/subscription TV services covered under the Contract Buyout Program?

No. Wireless providers/Subscription TV services of any kind are not eligible for Contract Buy out. The Contract Buyout program reimburses customers who previously subscribed to comparable levels of services. Cell phones, mobile hotspots, jetpacks and subscription TV packages such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon video are not eligible.

Are taxes and additional fees covered under the Contract Buyout Program?

Charter only reimburses the Early Termination Fee. Charter does not reimburse any additional taxes, service fees, return equipment fees, or any additional charges.

Will I be eligible for Contract Buyout if I have more than one provider, for i.e. video service with Direct TV and Internet with AT&T UVerse?

Yes, you can have multiple providers understanding that the combination of both cannot exceed $500. You must follow all of the eligibility rules including providing a copy of the bill from each provider with the Early Termination Fees clearly displayed.

Do I qualify for the Contract Buyout offer more than once?

No; Customers are only eligible to receive one Contract Buyout redemption once during the life of the account.

I completed my contract and therefore do not have an Early Termination fee. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can only reimburse Early Termination fees. We will not reimburse final charges upon cancelling your previous provider’s service.