Notice to Law Enforcement (LEA), government agencies and the legal community serving requests for subscriber information on Charter Communications, Inc., Spectrum, Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks

Legal Response Guidelines

Charter Communications Legal Response Operations Center (LEROC) responds to lawful requests for business records ensuring that disclosed information remains in compliance with Charter Communication Privacy Policies and is disclosed as required or permitted by law. This includes assisting law enforcement personnel and members of the legal community in a professional manner while maintaining the privacy and security of business and subscriber information.
As part of our continuing effort to minimize confusion regarding lawful requests to Charter, we recommend you consult the information below as it addresses common questions and requirements related to the fulfillment of lawful requests. If your question remains unanswered, email us at

Time for Response

Due to the volume of lawful requests received by Charter, responsive information is generally provided within 10 to 12 business days. Expedited responses, if resources permit, will generally be provided within 3 business days. Emergency responses are attempted to be made in real time. For emergencies please call 866-894-0103.

Service of Process by Law Enforcement

Charter Communications accepts service of subpoenas, warrants, court orders and other judicially authorized requests from law enforcement agencies by the following means, subject to payment of applicable costs below: Service by facsimile or online portal is preferred.

Facsimile: LEROC Charter Communications, Inc. Facsimile: 314-909-0609


Mail: Legal Response Operations Center Charter Communications, Inc. 12405 Powerscourt Drive Saint Louis, Missouri 63131-3660


Online Website Portal for Law Enforcement or Government Agency Use Only Our online portal will allow you to quickly and securely submit your request resulting in faster and more accurate results including the following:

  • Centralized case management
  • Target identifier validation
  • Service provider validation
  • Case submission prompts


The portal is also secure. We use a two-factor authorization requiring an official email address and a registered cell phone number for text verification to ensure the database is only accessed by authorized individuals. Requests submitted through our online portal allow us to respond more efficiently while providing you with the ability to track your submission and response.

To register for our portal, please go to If you have an account, please submit your legal process request through the portal at For additional information on how to access Charter’s online portal, please email Acceptance of service by facsimile, mail or through Charter’s online portal is strictly conditioned upon payment of applicable charges. Charter reserves the right to require payment in advance and to withhold delivery of information until payment is received and/or to file appropriate motions with the courts.

We do not accept service at any other fax number and we do not accept service at any of our local offices or facilities. Official service may also be made on the agent for service of process for Charter Communications, Inc. available from the secretary of state wherever we do business or on Corporation Service Company, 221 Bolivar Street, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101.

Service of Process for Civil or Private Party Request

Civil subpoenas or requests for information from private parties can be submitted by serving Charter’s registered agent. All such requests can be served on the agent for service of process for Charter Communications, Inc., available from the secretary of state wherever we do business.

Charter’s ability to respond to civil requests is limited by the privacy requirements of Section 631 of the Communications Act of 1934 (codified at 47 U.S.C. § 551) and all other applicable federal and state laws. Please consult applicable laws and garner subscribers written, signed and notarized consent and/or proper judicial authorization prior to making any request.

Law Enforcement Cost Reimbursement (18 U.S.C. § 2706)

To defer the cost to Charter for compliance, payment of the following minimum fees is required for all subpoena, court order and warrant requests, except for: (1) child pornography or abduction investigations; and (2) Charter subscriber telephone toll record and listing requests that are not voluminous in nature:

$50.00 - Per lookup for basic information
$25.00 - Per lookup for preservation of records
$0.10/Page - For photocopies and facsimiles exceeding ten pages
$15.00 - Minimum for overnight delivery service (Charter will fax response unless otherwise CLEARLY instructed.)

Make checks payable to Charter Communications, Inc. (Tax ID# 43-1857213) and mail payment to Legal Response Operations Center, Charter Communications, 12405 Powerscourt Drive, Saint Louis, Missouri 63131. Any and all arrangements for payment by wire transfer should be arranged with the LEROC Paralegal or Legal Specialist.

All requests will be handled in the order received, subject to pending emergency requests. Requesting parties will be provided an invoice at the time of disclosure. Additional charges may apply for (i) requests that are voluminous in nature, (ii) requests for information that are not retrievable in the ordinary course of business, (iii) Court Orders requiring the installation of pen register/trap and trace devices, and (iv) Court Orders requiring interception of communications.

Status Requests and Questions

To prevent delays in response to your request and those of others, please do not ask for the status of a request for 12 business days for subscriber information and 30 days for call records. Please email status request or other questions to

Emergency Contact Information (LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY)

Law Enforcement Response Team On-call Phone 866-894-0103.

This number is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, central standard time; and is monitored 24/7 for law enforcement EMERGENCIES ONLY (immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person). This contact number should not be used for status requests or specific questions about any Charter response.


Charter’s Privacy Policy and Law Enforcement Disclosures

Charter cares deeply about the privacy of our subscribers’ information and will protect the privacy of our subscribers even while working with law enforcement to prevent criminal activity. For more information about Charter’s privacy practices, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information

When can I expect to receive my response?

Due to the volume of subpoena requests received by Charter, responsive information is generally provided within 10-12 business days. Expedited responses, if resources permit, will generally be provided within 3 business days. Emergency responses are attempted to be made in real time. For emergency request, please call 866-894-0103.

What does my request need to include?

Law enforcement, government agencies and members of the legal community serving legal process on Charter Communications must include the following information in their request before any information may be disclosed:

  • Addressed to the proper legal entity: Charter Communications, Inc.
  • Process must be signed and dated.
  • Law enforcement officials who believe that notification would jeopardize an investigation should obtain an appropriate court order or other process establishing that notice is prohibited
  • Include an electronic method for return of records produced such as email address (preferred) or fax number.
  • When serving a court order or a warrant that is a follow-up to a prior request, please include a copy of your prior request so that we can easily locate our pre-existing file in a timely manner.


Account Identification

We will search for and disclose data that is specified with particularity in an appropriate form of legal process and which we are reasonably able to locate and retrieve.

  • Include a complete listing of the targeted IP address information including a specific date, time, time zone and port, if available.
  • Provide complete street address information (e.g. street address, Apt. #, city, state & zip code)
  • Include a full description of information requested whenever possible (i.e. subscriber name, address, phone number, account number, email accounts, usage records for outgoing calls, timeframes, etc.)



Charter Communications does not provide expert testimony support. In addition, Charter’s records are self-authenticating pursuant to law and should not require the testimony of a records custodian. If a special form of certification is required, please attach it to your records request.

Update regarding Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks

Please note that Charter Communications has acquired Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks. All requests for subscriber data regarding Time Warner Cable or Brighthouse Networks should be issued to and served upon Charter Communications for processing.

High Speed Data/ Internet Services

Charter/Spectrum high speed services include dedicated Internet connectivity to the home, Charter WiFi Hotspots (in available service areas) and email accounts depending on the Internet plan. Unique email accounts provided by Charter are accessible from any Internet connected computer.

Consult the American Registry for Internet Numbers Database to verify an IP address belongs to Charter, Time Warner Cable or Brighthouse prior to serving legal process.

Required Information for processing IP Address requests

Charter’s system of allocating IP addresses among its subscribers uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) resulting in periodic changes to the assignment of IP addresses for a given subscriber. Because IP address assignment is not constant for a subscriber, it is necessary for requests seeking subscriber information linked to an IP address to include the date, time, time zone and port number in question.


  • Provide the IP address
  • Specific date, time, and time zone during which the IP was in use.
  • Port number may be necessary for certain types of requests
If your request is missing this data, it will be returned with a request that you submit required information.


If you have multiple IP address requests, please email us at and we will send you our csv template which will assist our automation process. The spreadsheet can also be uploaded into the portal using the template.

Email Content

We can only provide the content that a customer has elected to store on our servers that is stored in their inbox. If a customer has elected to forward their Charter email to another mail service such as Outlook, that content would not be stored on our servers. Charter does not keep deleted emails. Once the customer has deleted an email or removed it from their inbox, it is purged from our servers. If an email is no longer on our servers, we have no way of retrieving it.

Required Information for processing phone requests


  • Phone number in question
  • The specific information you are interested in e.g. subscriber information and/or call detail records (incoming and/or outgoing calls)
  • Requesting party’s contact information, including telephone and fax numbers
  • Proper and valid legal process


Required Information for processing Video/Cable and other requests


  • Address in question
  • And/or an individual's name
  • And/or account number
  • Time period in question


Call detail records/incoming and outgoing call logs

Call detail records are available to civil litigants only pursuant to a Court Order or a Subpoena accompanied by a customer authorization consent form