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Request to Remove Phone Number

If you are receiving phone calls and/or text messages from Spectrum and you are NOT the Spectrum customer we are trying to reach, please fill out this form and we will try to stop these attempts as soon as possible.

Please complete the form below

We will research the phone number and your request. Please allow up to three business days for the request to be processed.

Are you a Spectrum customer?

What is YOUR telephone number that we called you at

Is there any other telephone number that you suspect might have had call forwarding enabled and that we may have called you on?

Phone type

Most recent dates and times that you received unwanted messages (200 characters max)

From what phone number did you receive a call and/or text message?

What type of call was this?

What did the message say on the call you received? Please be as descriptive as possible.

What is the name of the Spectrum/TWC® customer we asked for during the outbound phone call?

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We will only contact you if we need additional information to complete your request

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